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We focus on your needs:

We understand the urgency of pain.  Our goal is to see patients within 24 hours of their request for an appointment.

Our facilities were designed specifically for comprehensive pain diagnosis and treatment.

Our award-winning, pain management physicians are board-certified experts with training in pain management.

We’re experts in work-related injuries and accept workers’ compensation cases

Our bilingual medical and patient support staffs are sensitive to our Spanish-speaking patient’s needs and cultural considerations.

We work to provide psychosocial and psychiatric support for patients whose pain may be psychologically overwhelming.

​Our revolutionary treatments are focused on non-narcotic (opioid, NSAID) approaches that help you manage your pain without drugs and live PAIN FREE.

What Our Patients Say:

5 Stars! We found Dr. Candido for my father who has bladder cancer. He is The kindest most wonderful doctor I have ever met. He’s always bending over backwards to accommodate us and give us the best care possible. There is no one else I would suggest for pain management.

Source: Google Business Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Kenneth D Candido – Posted on March 2, 2020

5 Stars! Simply the Best. Dr. Candido, as I’ve given away in my title, is simply the best. His care for my chronic pain has truly changed my life (and I pinky swear I’m not being hyperbolic). He and his staff are diligent losteners and he’s never let me leave his office without an implemented solution to my symptoms/pain issues. I’m lucky to have him as my pain management doctor.

Source: Vitals MD Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Kenneth D Candido – Posted on September 11th, 2019

5 Stars! [Dr. Tharian has] Excellent bedside manners. Compassionate and caring. Listened to my story and explained to me in detail the diagnosis and my treatment options. I opted for spine injection, which was done smoothly. Now I am pain free.

Source: Vitals MD Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Anthony R Tharian – Posted on March 5th, 2019

5 Stars! Doctor Lipov helped me recover from my hip pain that I suffered with for a year or two I saw him and he gave me Prolotherpy shots in my hip no other Doctor could figure it out the problem just gave me a wasted year going doctor to doctor now I have been pain free in my hip for 9 to 10 years and I dance Tahitian have been for years thank you Doctor Lipov this is a true story he is straightforward but the shots in my right hip were so great he changed my health and attitude all around wonderful even my family were relieved no more pain who can say that he was my answers I trusted him and I came out ahead.

Source: Vitals MD Reviews –Self-verified patient of Dr. Eugene G Lipov – Posted on April 22nd, 2019

5 Stars! For 20 years I was told I had to live with the pain. After my doctors of 20 years all retired, I switched hospitals to IL Masonic. My new primary care doctor said I did not have to live with it and referred me to Dr. Candido. When I first saw him her could not touch my spine. Finally, at 92 years of age, I am relatively pain free. Dr. Candido is a miracle worker. He is kind, compassionate and a great bedside manner. Will be forever in his debt.

Source: Vitals MD Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Kenneth D Candido – Posted on February 15th, 2019

5 Stars! Dr. Lipov is an AMAZING person, and surgeon. I am a Disabled Combat Veteran, with PTSD. Dr. Lipov administered the SGB (Stellate Ganglion Block), treatment for me, and has for many Veterans suffering from PTS, and it has helped me tremendously. He is a huge advocate for veterans, and very pro active in his passion to do so. Thank you Doc for your dedication, and consistant availability, in answering my call, as I answered our nation's as well. You are a credit to your profession.

Source: Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Eugene Lipov. 

5 Stars! My wife and I have been to almost every hospital in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs as well as the Mayo Clinic and found very little relief for my wife's chronic pain do to a pool accident .. But after seeing Dr Candido we are finally on a up tick . We drive about 50 miles to see him but well worth it .If your dealing with chronic pain issues and finding no relief come and see Dr Ken !!!

Source: Yelp Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Kenneth D Candido – Posted on June 20th, 2018

5 Stars! Dr. Lipov is confident, intelligent, funny, and you can tell that he loves his job! Slink injections can be scarey, but he makes them a piece of cake. No sedative needed. Thank you Dr. Lipov for taking my L4-L5 herniated disk pain away!

Source: Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Eugene Lipov – Posted on Feb 22, 2019

5 Stars! Dr. Candido is the man you want to see if you are in pain and have a distrust of medicine. There should be a TV show following this witty, on point Doc who makes epidurals as painless as they can be and quite honestly a pleasure to see him Voted Chicago's most compassionate doctor year after year for good cause. I don't want to relocate outside of Chicago to remain in his care and the staff is amazing including his nurse Veronica! They have gone above and beyond to make sure I am fully supported in healing from documentation to helping me petition insurance to afford my care!

Source: Yelp Reviews – Self-verified patient of Dr. Kenneth D Candido – Posted on May 8th, 2017



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